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Welcome to the 2017 Cross-Country Season. Hopefully, you’re looking forward to this year’s Cross-Country Season and are preparing to put effort into bettering yourself and your team. Yes, Cross-Country is a team sport. The team is only as good as its last runner, encouragement between all teammates is expected.

If you expect to BE a CHAMPION, PRACTICE like a CHAMPION every day! Below you will find our expectations and guidelines.

    1. Sports physicals MUST be completed BEFORE any student is allowed to participate. Please turn your sports physical into Maria in the activities office.

    2. Practice –You’re expected to be at practice ON TIME each day. Practice starts PROMPTLY at 3:50 PM and will end around 5:30 PM. If you have a conflict, we need to know as soon as possible BEFORE practice, and you need to have a parental note stating the time, date, and reason. Work schedules need to be adjusted NOT to conflict with practice or meets. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated, and you will not be allowed to travel or run in the meet following such an infraction. Two unexcused absences will result in removal from the team.

Complete the workout assigned. Do not cut workouts. Commit to working hard every day.

    1. You represent your team and Grand Island Senior High. Everywhere you go, on the road running, at the movies with friends, out in the community, you are an Islander. Be sure you are making good choices and positively representing your school and team.

    2. Classroom – I will be checking grades periodically. If you have anything lower then a “C” an email will be sent to you and your teachers to make sure you are getting the help needed to raise your grade. If no plan or proof of the grade being raised, the possibility of missing meets will be discussed.

    3. Competition – Commit yourself to being a competitor. Compete hard not only in meets but also in practice. This is a TEAM. We travel to and from competitions on school transportation together as a team. All kids are encouraged to ride home from meets with the team. If necessary, athletes can only be released to their PARENT/ GUARDIAN because of legal issues. I will have a form that will need to be signed before releasing and athlete to ride home with their parent.

    4. Traveling - Make sure that you bring your uniform, running gear, extra socks and clothing (foul weather) to keep warm and dry in. Also, bring extra NON-CARBONATED and NON-CAFFEINATED drinks and healthy food. Make sure that you keep the team camp, buses clean. No sunflower seeds will be allowed on buses. A group ( the year in school) will be assigned to clean the camp and buses for each meet.

Usually, the top seven athletes run varsity at meets. BOTH JV and varsity meet results determine these seven. Exceptions to this may be due to illness, injury, or family emergency.

    1. We are looking at changing the look of how we do meets, possibly gaining some smaller meets for JV kids to participate more competitively.

    2. Alcohol/Tobacco/other drugs - Don’t let “peer pressure” sway you; avoid these at all cost. Any use or suspected use will be handled as described in GISH student handbook. Nothing tears a team apart when members can’t be trusted to stay away from alcohol, tobacco, and other illegal or abused substances.

    3. Injuries – Know the difference between pain due to training and pain due to injury. Sore muscles and joints do occur especially with some of the running surfaces cross-country trains on. If you’re injured, MAKE SURE YOU SEE THE TRAINER BEFORE YOU GO TO YOUR DOCTOR (the trainer has an “inside track” to all doctors in town). When in doubt about an injury, see the trainer. ICE, ICE, ICE!!

I have read, and I understand the requirements of the Grand Island Senior High Cross Country Team. I further understand that there are consequences for any violations. All violations will be handled at the discretion of the coaching and administrative staff.

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